PLA is organinising National Level Conference in Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot in April. 2018. Title of the Conference will announce shortwhile.



1. Pioneers of Library Movement in India: A Tribute by Satkal Edited by Jagtar Singh. Patiala: Punjab Library Association, 2012.ISBN--13: 978-81-909933-0-2. Rs. 995. US$25 (including airmail postage).

2. A Guide to Reference Sources in Punjabi by MP Satija, Sukhdev Singh, and Lakhbir Singh. Patiala: Punjab Library Association, 2010. xiii+297 pages. PLA Series in Library and Information Science. Paperback. ISBN--13: 978--8181--909933--33--3. Rs. 800. US$35 (including airmail postage).

3. Changing Role of Libraries in the Internet Era: Challenges and Opportunities Edited by Iqbal Singh Brar, Manish Bansal and Navkiran Kaur. Delhi: Novatech Scientifics and Informatics, 2017. x+373 pages. Paperback. ISBN 978-93-82876-93-9. Rs. 995. US$50 (including airmail postage).

PLA Seminar Papers and other Special publications

1. Punjab Public Libraries Bill: a draft. 1993. Rs. 200.00

2. Public Library System in Punjab. Papers of the PLA seminar November 22-23, 1991, Patiala Rs. 200.00

3, Dr S.R.Ranganathan: the man and his mission. Papers of the seminar April 29-30, 1994, Patiala Rs. 200.00

4. Academic and Public Libraries in the 21st Century. Souvenir and abstracts of the papers of PLA seminar November 17-18, 2000, Patiala. Unpriced

5. Draft Punjab Public Libraries Bill 2003. Rs. 200.00

PLA Newsletter

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