ICSSR Sponsored National Level Short Term Course on Library Automation and Building Digital Libraries using Open Source Software is organising Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Library , SGGS College, Sector-26, Chandigarh from 27th July, 2018 to 3rd August, 2018.            Please click for submission of Registration Form



1. Pioneers of Library Movement in India: A Tribute by Satkal Edited by Jagtar Singh. Patiala: Punjab Library Association, 2012.ISBN--13: 978-81-909933-0-2. Rs. 995. US$25 (including airmail postage).

2. A Guide to Reference Sources in Punjabi by MP Satija, Sukhdev Singh, and Lakhbir Singh. Patiala: Punjab Library Association, 2010. xiii+297 pages. PLA Series in Library and Information Science. Paperback. ISBN--13: 978--8181--909933--33--3. Rs. 800. US$35 (including airmail postage).

3. Changing Role of Libraries in the Internet Era: Challenges and Opportunities Edited by Iqbal Singh Brar, Manish Bansal and Navkiran Kaur. Delhi: Novatech Scientifics and Informatics, 2017. x+373 pages. Paperback. ISBN 978-93-82876-93-9. Rs. 995. US$50 (including airmail postage).

PLA Seminar Papers and other Special publications

1. Punjab Public Libraries Bill: a draft. 1993. Rs. 200.00

2. Public Library System in Punjab. Papers of the PLA seminar November 22-23, 1991, Patiala Rs. 200.00

3, Dr S.R.Ranganathan: the man and his mission. Papers of the seminar April 29-30, 1994, Patiala Rs. 200.00

4. Academic and Public Libraries in the 21st Century. Souvenir and abstracts of the papers of PLA seminar November 17-18, 2000, Patiala. Unpriced

5. Draft Punjab Public Libraries Bill 2003. Rs. 200.00

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