PLA is going to collaborate various associations and institutions. At Present, its collaboration with SATKAL Trust

PLA-SATKAL Collaboration

Prof. Jaginder Singh Ramdev has donated an amount of more than Rs. 1 (one) Lakh to PLA to boost its professional activities.

Prof. Jaginder Singh Ramdev and Mrs. Satinder Kaur Ramdev


SATKAL is a fascinating story of an NRI who with his humble beginnings that have touched greater heights, both professionally and socially, of which every librarian should be proud of. This NRI is Professor Jagindar Singh Ramdev (First Deputy Librarian of A C. Joshi Library, Panjab University, Chandigarh) now settled in Grayslake, Illinois, USA. He left India 38 years ago to find livelihood in a distant land along with his devoted wife and family. He faced all situations with formidable courage, and gave the best of education to his children. It is due to the unstinted support of his doting wife that he could settle well in the USA and raise his family successfully. Sardar Jagindar Singh Ramdev is a librarian and teacher of library science by profession, a prolific writer and above all, a philanthropist and human being par excellence. He is constantly thinking about librarianship in India. He gave his savings to the trust and his passion, his love and his benevolence gave birth to SATKAL which he established to perpetuate the memory of his late wife Mrs Satinder Kaur Ramdev who was a graduate in library science, a teacher by profession and a sympathetic, affectionate, kind and generous lady. Sardar Jagindar Singh Ramdev has immortalised his beloved in SATKAL. The trust is the brainchild of the Chief Patron Sardar Jagindar Singh Ramdev. They called a meeting of librarians of the northern region at Panjab University, Chandigarh wherein it was christened SATKAL. The acronym "SATK" stands for the name Satinder Kaur and "AL" denotes Advancement of Librarianship. Ever since its inception in 20th April 2000, the Trust undertook various activities relating to the advancement of librarianship. SATKAL is all for librarians and similarly all the librarians have something for them from SATKAL. For students it has Scholarships, Medals and Quiz Competitions, for working Professionals it has training programmes, lectures, seminars and workshops and for good and sincere workers it has Award and recognition.

Mrs. Satinder Kaur Ramdev

Mrs. Satinder Kaur Ramdev in whose memory SATKAL trust is established is the wife of Mr. Jagindar Singh Ramdev, the Founder of the trust. Born on August 8th, 1935 at Taran Tarn (Distt. Amritsar) in Punjab to parents S.Gopal. Singh Rias and Mrs. Ganeshi Devi. She passed her Matriculation at Taran Tarn and graduated from Shahzada Nand College, Amritsar. She was married to S. Jagindar Singh Ramdev on August 21,1957. Subsequently she earned her degree in Basic Education from Montgomery Khalsa College, Jalandhar in 1960 and Post-Graduate Diploma (equivalent to Bachelor's Degree) in Library Science from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Having keen interest in teaching, she worked as a Social Studies teacher for 6 months in Dharamsala and for another one year at Manimajra. Thereafter, she worked as Headmistress in Govt. Jr. High School in the Panjab University Campus, Chandigarh till she left for U.S.A. in June 1970 with her family. In U.S.A., she availed herself of several opportunities and worked as Supervisor in one of the departments of an international company. After having served there for more than 20 years, she had to quit this job due to health reasons. Due to the side effects of diabetes, she had been ill for about three years and died peacefully in her sleep on September 9,1997. She was a noble lady, having affectionate nature and kind heart. She was very generous and caring towards everybody around her. She was particularly sympathetic and generous towards sick, poor and needy persons. She raised her family successfully and with full devotion. She left behind her two sons and five grand children. Her elder son, Er.Roger Singh, is a successful businessman in USA and his wife a computer programmer and has two sons. Her younger son, Dr. Rick Singh, and his American wife are both doctors and have three daughters. Late Mrs. Satinder Kaur Ramdev is deeply remembered and missed not only by her family and close relations but also by her friends and well-wishers in many parts of the world for her sympathetic, affectionate, kind and generous nature. The SATKAL Trust has been established in her memory.

Prof. Jagindar Singh Ramdev

Professor Jagindar Singh Ramdev is a well known legendary personality of the library profession , and is very popular figure for his outstanding cotribution in the estlablishment of SATKAL. Professor Ramdev is certainly an exceptional librarian and a teacher who has been involed in different activities that often went beyond the domain of his profession. Mr. Jagindar Singh Ramdev, the Founder of SATKAL TRUST, is the husband of late Mrs. Satinder . Kaur Ramdev, in whose memory the Trust has been established. He was born on September 17, 1930 at Emanabad, District Gujranwala, West Punjab (Now in Pakistan) to parents S.Arjan Singh (Post Master) and Smt. Ravel Kaur. He passed his Matriculation from R.B.Sunder Das High School in First Division. After Partition of India, he came to Jalandhar in 1947 with his parents. He had a narrow escape while crossing the border; his two brothers, sister and sister-in -law were killed in riots. He started his career as a lecturer in Punjabi in Hans Raj Mahila College, Jalandhar. Thereafter, he joined Panjab University Library in March 1960 and later became the first Deputy Librarian before migrating to U.S.A. in June 1970 along with his family. During his ten years tenure at Panjab University, he taught P.G. Diploma in Library Science Course, published books and contributed a lot to the profession of librarianship in different capacities. While in U.S.A., he worked as a Librarian in I.I.T. Library, Chicago. In addition to a number of research papers, Mr. Jagindar Singh Ramdev has authored, edited, compiled and translated as many as 9 books in English and Punjabi languages. Various newspapers, media persons, journalists, academicians and authorities in the field of librarianship have appreciated and praised these works and their reviews have been published in dailies and journals of national/international repute. He has been not only a good teacher and researcher in Punjabi Literature and Library Science, but also an excellent guide for research in Library Science. He has been an able librarian and a good administrator. He held offices in professional associations, literary and academic organizations at regional and national level. He has organized and attended several national and international conferences seminars and symposia. He is a widely traveled person, having visited entire European and Asian continents. Mr. Ramdev is a known philanthropist and has donated liberally. To cite a few examples, he donated lac of rupees Cheshire Home for the handicapped children in Dehradun, to Desh Bhagat Board, Jalandhar, to orphanage in Amritsar; to Gurudwara Rajouri Garden, Delhi; to Gurudwara Shahid Bunga at Village Tanda near Taran Tarn (in the memory of his mother at her birth place). He has instituted three gold medals i.e. one in Library and Information Science at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (in memory of his wife-Mrs. Satinder Kaur Ramdev); and in Library and Information Science at Panjab University, Chandigarh (in the memory of his father); and one in M. A. in Punjabi., (in memory of his mother). He has donated about Rs 20 lacs to the "Satinder Kaur Ramdev Memorial Trust for Advancement of Librarianship"(SATKAL) in the memory of his beloved late wife. Mr. Jagindar Singh Ramdev is a contended, God-fearing, humble and kind-hearted human being, well settled in U.S.A and enjoying retired life in the company of his children and grandchildren. SATKAL wishes him a long, happy and healthy life.